The Day My Shoes Made Me Faint

By: Sue Donim

This odd little incident happened to me, a few summers ago. A box of shoes from Target had been reported “delivered”, but was nowhere to be seen.

I called Customer Service,of course, and inquired as to why the package was not on my front steps.

Have you checked the back door? they  asked.

“No, but I will now,” I replied, as the agent waited politely on the phone.

Just then, a small hill or valley underneath the grass on the side of the house, hitherto unbeknownst to me, made me trip and fall so sharply, I saw stars.

Bewildered, I stood up, and immediately fell again. The  intense pain made me literally nauseous. I stumbled to the backyard, vaguely aware that the customer service person was asking me if I was alright.

“Not really,” I replied queasily. “I need to sit down.”

I could barely think straight.I was so incredibly nauseous, and my knee really  hurt.

“Ah, I see the package I think,”I assured her, and hung up.

Now, this is the strange part. What actually happened next is that I tried the back door, which was locked. Since only my son knew the combination, I somehow walked back around to the front of the house, and into my dining room. I just don’t remember that part! The only thing I remember next was opening my eyes, sprawled face-down on the wooden floor in a dark puddle of blood. My nose was literally killing.

I had clearly blacked out, but the impact of my not-underweight frame hitting the hard floor straight onto my nose was so uniquely painful it shocked me conscious at the same time, I guess. I’m like, what the heck am I doing on the floor? What’s bleeding here, my nose or my lip? Oh, both!

I got up slowly, onto a nearby chair, utterly confused. Suddenly, I realized that had I remained unconscious or worse, I could have easily been there for a week ‘til anyone would have even known I was there! Oddly, I burst out crying, and I could not stop.

After sobbing inexplicably for a few minutes, I called Hatzalah. Unlike my usual calm demeanor when calling Hatzalah, I was still half-crying, when I called to say that I had fainted & didn’t know why. When they came over, I was calmer, but to my mortification I still could not stop crying. I really thought I’d hit something in my brain when I fell, because there was literally no reason to cry whatsoever.

Anyway, weirdly enough, I told them that I’d come in  through the back door right away, completely & totally forgetting that it had been locked & I’d had to come back around to the front! I did not remember entering my dining room, putting the shoebox on the table, or fainting, of course.

They brought me to the hospital, where I was checked out, & I was fine. People were looking at me pitifully, though,  because it looked like I’d been punched in the face. To this day, several years later, I have a tiny area on my knee where “water”  had rushed to the point of impact, the body’s amazing built-in way to prevent fracture!

All in all, it was a pair of  Target shoes I well remember, long after they’re gone. Thank G-d, I’m not gone!

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