My Insecurities, Revealed!

If you would laugh about my anxiety, I would be offended. But if I don’t laugh about it, I’ll begin to take myself too seriously, and that’s never wise.

So let me tell you what was in my bag, for an hour and a half car ride to a family event, which lasted a few hours, before the car ride home.

A brush, an extra pair of stockings, my lens case, my reading glasses, my regular glasses, deodorant, and my wallet (with about all of seventy five dollars in it).

I did use the brush.

Imagine what I take to Israel!

So I know how to simplify packing – the wardrobe tips, and how to maximize suitcase space. But my security items usually get confiscated at Security checkpoints! The toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant or water bottle…all have  somehow been deemed hazardous to the safety of the plane.

You need to travel with doll-size items, purchased especially for traveling.

And then you have to stow it away under the seat in front of you, and perform a half-somersault in your seat to  actually reach it.

With your seatbelt on, of course.

I’m extremely outgoing, but the super-close proximity of people on a plane can be  anxiety-provoking, too. While I’m smiling graciously, with all the  polite and friendly courtesy I was raised to have, I am thinking 100 thoughts simultaneously.

Is my snood covering my hair properly? Is my skin too oily or too dry? Am I irksome? Do I have coffee-breath? Tuna-breath? Do I have a mint handy? Is my nose as large in their eyes as it is in my mirror?

Is my weight camouflaged well today? Am I rambling? Am I talking too loudly? Can they see the skin reaction on my hand?

This can happen even in the grocery store!


Regardless of how I feel, I SHOW UP for life.

I interact  cheerfully with humanity, attend essential family events, leave my comfort zone to try new things, and work on myself to be relaxed in my head, regularly.

I have read books, and filled in workbooks  (ordered on my own) which have infused me with peace of mind. I  pray daily for strength to sail through  any situation that arises.

The knowledge of His presence at my side comforts and calms me, all day long.

Ahhh, but I’ve almost forgotten.

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