By: A Schreiber

Have you met Dr. Google?

This is what I’ve been told:

You never have to leave your home

 Or waste your time “on hold”

His bedside manners are the best

He’s patient and not rude

He’ll answer every question

No doctor attitude!

Why are my eyes so red? you’ll ask


Go to the nearest hospital

Or you will have a crisis

My tongue is slightly bumpy

You’ll type with shaking fingers


Gets worse, and often lingers

But Dr. Google, I’m still young!

Old age is far away!

Based on your height and weight and age…

Say your goodbyes today!

One minute, Dr. Google

These answers contradict

Is coffee good or bad for you?

Can green tea make you sick?

Is this condition common

Or a rare, severe disease?

Do I have signs of Covid

When all I did was sneeze?

I think I have anxiety

Your answers aren’t kind

You never, ever tell us

Don’t worry, you’re just fine!

I think that Dr. Google

Is Dr. Pessimism

No matter what, it’s urgent

That’s  Hyperalarmism!

From now on, I will Google

Just simple definitions

And call a real-life pro

For all my health decisions.

Oh, and if I ever feel worn out

I know just whom to call:

Lakewood Hosts Kosher Vacation Rentals

That ought to cure it all!

The greenery sure beats green tea

In pool water, no blues!

The  yellow sun’s got vitamins

So read, or swim, or snooze!

At Lakewood Hosts Kosher Vacation Rentals

Your heart rate will improve

Too high, too low? It’s perfect when

Your daily life is smooth.

And lastly, Dr. Google

I think that you yourself

Should shut off  all your online stuff

Put it on a high shelf

Forget your “facts”, come and relax

At Lakewood Hosts Kosher Vacation Rentals.

Let people go to real doctors

Before they all go mental.


Redlegsyndrome is a widespread infection seen in frogs, toads, and salamanders. It is recognized by the redness on the underside of the amphibian’s legs and abdomen, and is generally due to Aeromonas hydrophila, an opportunistic bacterial pathogen. However, viruses and fungi may also cause similar reddening.