Does it Really Matter?


Some things matter
And some things don’t
You can stress each day
Or decide you won’t.

If someone’s life
Is in danger, stat!
Don’t dawdle –
Take care of that.

If someone’s face
Is red with shame
Defend him!
Protect his name!

If a poor decision
Has a long-term price
Get involved
But please act nice.

It’s things like that
That matter, yes
But little things?
Just extra stress

You’re not invited
No card or call?
Don’t let that
Ruin your day at all

What about
When folks are rude?
Or a random kid
Shows attitude?

If you can respond
With civil calm
Then go ahead
That isn’t wrong

But if your blood
Is boiling hot
Just bite your tongue
And hold that thought

Has a dumb comment
Got you going?
Someone’s cluelessness
Is showing?

Remember, you too
Have said things
That afterwards
Caused you to cringe

So, you can straighten
Out the error
But kindly – do not
Evoke terror!

You may have noticed
Some enjoy it
We all know this

Others wisely
Stay away
Preferring peace
Not “having their say”

We all have plenty
Of real stresses
Why poke around
In others’ messes?

Does it really matter?
Is it worth the cost
Of your peace of mind
Being gone and lost?

If it’s fleeting
But your pride’s been bruised
Ride the wave of pain-
And rejoin the cruise.

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