Do you REALLY need that nose job?

Hugh G. Nose

I really need a nose job
My face is asymmetrical
In layman’s words, uneven
That sorry double-ventricle!

And now with Zoom, I’ve had it
To stare at this all day?!
My will to live is ebbing
For a nose job I must pay…

I’ve seen a plastic surgeon
His price is very steep
But oh, how I abhor my nose
Can’t someone fix it – cheap?

I’ve researched many noses
The narrow and upturned
Each nose has its advantages
But wide like mine is spurned.

Assuming there’s a raffle
A nose job you can win
I’d buy 100 tickets
And choose a nose real thin!

A royal, Roman, narrow nose
I’ll look like a real star!
You people with great noses
How fortunate you are…

Well, guess what everybody
I entered and I won!
(Allow me please, to fantasize
Until my daydream’s done…)

So now I’ve got a perfect nose
My photos look so fine
But now I’m very much aware
Those tired eyes of mine…

Is there an eyelid lifter?
Those missing nights of sleep
And chronic eyelid allergies
Can someone fix ‘em-cheap?

I seem to be in luck again-
A raffle, and I’ve won!
My eyes are bright and youthful
I’m looking twenty-one!

But look at all those face lines
They give away my years
So many life experiences
The smiles and the tears

My face looks like a journal
Of every day I’ve lived!
I’m back, dear plastic surgeon
My last penny I’ll give.

Ahh, look at this old beauty
A narrow nose, bright eyes
The face of a young woman…
But alas, look at her size!

Size four would be just perfect
Or even eight or ten
I’m ready to sign up, Doc
Just say how much and when!

Ahhh….the clothing choices
The fashion I can wear
There’s nothing left to fix now
I live without a care!

Well, that is not exactly true
Some friends have slipped away
They liked my imperfections
To them I looked okay

Each person wants to look good
But you, stay average please!
For no one wants to feel “less-than”
Your flaws put them at ease…

My nose may make them grateful!
My eyes look kind and wise
My lines mean I have lived
This “dream” made me realize…

My nose, though slightly swollen
My eyes, now slightly red
My skin, now slightly lived-in

My nose enjoys aromas
My eyes see, I am blessed!
My face shows people that I care
So never mind the rest.

Beauty isn’t only
Perfection, symmetry
It’s what shines bright within you
Which many people see

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Go on, and get that rest
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Before long, you won’t mind your nose
Your eyes will sparkle brightly
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A Florida Kosher Villa
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You’ll wonder if you’re dreaming
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